Kumaverse is an alternate universe of dystopian Earth where humans live side-by-side with Kumas, an extraterrestrial species which is on the brink of extinction. Kumas are intelligent bear-like creatures who easily adapt to their surroundings..

Currently, there are 2000 known Genesis Kumas worldwide, and there are some reports that say there are ten ancestor KUMAs still in existence. Our mission is to repopulate the Kuma species by finding $PAW Shards, a catalyst for them to breed. How many Kumas do we need to prevent their extinction? We think 6k is a safe number!



Kuma Tracker

The Kuma Tracker is an exclusive item limited to 100 units with unrivaled utilities. It gives you first-class access to enter KumaVerse. Each Kuma Tracker is able to passively yield 7 $PAW.
Minting price : 0.03 ETH

Sold Out. Purchase on the secondary market at OpenSea

The Kumas

There are 2000 Genesis Kumas in existence. Genesis Kuma is a unique NFT with its rarities for each piece. A Genesis Kuma yields 5 $PAW per day and is able to breed. It requires 2 Genesis Kumas to breed a Kuma Cub.
Minting price : 0.05 ETH

Sold Out. Purchase on the secondary market at OpenSea

$PAW Utility Token

$PAW is the primary utility token in Kumaverse and will be used in most features of KumaVerse such as breeding, evolving, and shopping at the Marketplace.

Ancestors Kuma

Ancestors are the rarest Kumaverse nfts as there only 10 ancestors to ever exist. They all consist of unique 1/1 special traits with exclusive animations. Kuma Ancestor is needed for kuma cub evolving process.


- Ancestors can also breed, requiring another kuma genesis and $PAW shards.
- Each Ancestors passively yields 5 $PAW/day.
- Ancestors are the leaders of each Faction.
- Ancestors will get extra $PAW by blessing cubs into their Faction.


After a war between factions that led to a massive decrease in their population, the KumaVerse sent its remaining 2000 Genesis Kumas to travel the Ethereum Blockchain in hopes of restoring sustainability and maintaining a healthy population of their planet. $PAW is the core of their mission to breed and stabilize their ecosystem, passively generated once they landed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Breeding requires two Kuma Genesis and 900 $PAW to produce a Kuma Cub. There is a maximum of 4000 Kuma Cubs available to be created. Each Kuma Cub can evolve when they take a divine potion. Therefore, it is important to keep your $PAW since it is needed to improve your Kumas inside the KumaVerse.


Phase 1


Art Incubation


Discord server launch


Official Website and $PAW utility token in KumaVerse ecosystem launch


1st NFT Drop (Kuma Tracker) 100 Supply. Each Tracker passively yield 7 $PAW per day


2nd NFT Drop (Kuma Genesis) 2000 Supply. Each Kuma Genesis passively yield 5 $PAW per day

Phase 2


KumaVerse marketplace launch. A place where you can buy more items using $PAW


Kuma Customizable Banner.


Kuma Toy Freemint Launch.


9 out of 10 Kuma Ancestors will be auctioned. 1 Kuma Ancestor is reserved for a lucky one Kuma Tracker holder. Each Kuma Ancestor yields 5 $PAW per day.


Activate breeding & Divine Potion launch. 2 genesis Kumas and 900 $PAW is needed to breed a Kuma Cub.

Phase 3


Gamification of Kuma NFT and online-offline events.

The Team


Project Manager



Community Manager